Video: Oclgrind – An Extensible OpenCL Device Simulator

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Click on the image to play the video.

Click on the image to play the video.

In this video from the International Workshop on OpenCL, James Price from the University of Bristol presents: Oclgrind – An Extensible OpenCL Device Simulator.

“We describe Oclgrind, a platform designed to enable the creation of developer tools for analysis and debugging of OpenCL programs. Oclgrind simulates how OpenCL kernels execute with respect to the OpenCL standard, adhering to the execution and memory models that it defines. A simple plugin interface allows developer tools to observe the simulation and collect execution information to provide useful analysis, or catch bugs that would be otherwise difficult to spot when running the application on a real device. We give details about the implementation of the simulator, and describe how it can be extended with plugins that provide useful developer tools. We also present several example use-cases that have already been created using this platform, motivated by real-world problems that OpenCL developers face.”

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