Video: Supercomputing for Nuclear Fusion

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Santiago Badia

Santiago Badia

In this video from the World Economic Forum, Santiago Badia from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona introduces some of the challenges of working to make safe, efficient nuclear fusion a reality by 2040.

“I work on finite element methods, numerical analysis and large scale computing. I am interested in stabilized finite elements and discontinuous Galerkin techniques, mainly focused on fluid problems, e.g., the (Navier-) Stokes equations. I am also interested in the finite element numerical approximation of multiphysics problems and efficient and robust solvers for the resulting linear systems. I have worked on fluid-structure interaction problems and magnetohydrodynamic systems (coupling fluid and magnetics governing equations). One of the main applications of this research is the simulation of some technological components of fusion reactors, e.g., the breeding blankets.”

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