CEA in France Upgrades Storage to DDN SFA14KE

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ddn2Today DDN announced that the French CEA has selected DDN’s SFA14KE as the core storage for this year’s comprehensive refresh of the agency’s data management infrastructure, “GS1K”.

In partnership with Atos, CEA selected DDN’s SFA14KE due to its flexible, open design, which allows applications to run embedded within the storage, removing the need for external servers, reducing the cost of interconnect and dramatically lowering management complexity. CEA is leveraging the SFA14KE storage platform to run both Lustre® and HPSS embedded within the high-performance, scalable storage platform.

“CEA selected DDN’s SFA14KE as the only hyper-converged platform that was able to embed both our Lustre file system and HPSS data management application within the memory of the storage subsystem. CEA’s infrastructure is always pushing the boundaries of high performance and the SFA14KE provides us with more than a 10x reduction in application latency,” said Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere, department lead at CEA. “With the added advantage of delivering high performance at our 18+ petabyte scale, the SFA14KE exceeded all of our requirements for efficient use of funds and data center space while delivering significant application and storage performance acceleration.”

The SFA14KE delivers 600+ GB/second of throughput, 60+ million IOPS and 7 petabytes of storage capacity in a single rack. With unmatched mixed I/O capabilities and an open design for embedded applications, SFA14KE provides extreme levels of efficiency that change the way storage infrastructures are designed. The SFA14KE scales out to 100+ PB, delivering high-availability and consistent performance at scale.

DDN has enjoyed a strong relationship with CEA and Atos for many years,” said Laurent Thiers, DDN vice president of sales. “CEA is constantly challenging its providers to deliver reliable performance at large scale. CEA Labs and DDN went through an extensive test period to demonstrate DDN’s unique ability to embed the Lustre file system and concurrently virtualize HPSS Data Movers. DDN is pleased to have been selected as the Core of the open, highly redundant, network savvy and versatile ‘GS1K’ infrastructure.”

The new DDN SFA14KE platform will be on display at the DDN booth #633 at SC15.

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