CycleCloud V5 Enables Single Dashboard for Major Cloud Service Providers

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CycleToday Cycle Computing unveiled the latest version of its flagship product CycleCloud v5. This version contains a number of enhancements including a single dashboard  for quickly and securely accessing and managing workloads on each of the world’s leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs): AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine.

Cycle continues to focus on developing software that provides users simple, scalable access to cloud-based computing, so that customers can focus on their science, engineering, and making better business decisions,” said Jason Stowe, Cycle Computing CEO. “The release of CycleCloud v5 provides customers with unprecedented choice and flexibility to run Big Data and Big Compute workloads on cloud – all enabled by CycleCloud, the industry’s most scalable, secure, and robust cloud computing software suite available.”

The CycleCloud suite simplifies the user experience by providing key cloud technologies such as cloud orchestration, management, and reporting, as well as, secure and fast data transfer at scale, and management of internal and cloud resources.

CycleCloud Enables Automated Multi-cloud Access

Optimizing the placement of workloads to take advantage of the unique features that each CSP offers is a constant challenge for cloud users. With CycleCloud’s multi-cloud capabilities, users can run their workloads on the best cloud option available and are in control of specific runtime parameters such as desired instance types, pricing thresholds, allotted time, and many others.

Other Key Features Lead to Greater Flexibility

Designed to provide users with greater flexibility in managing their workloads, cloud access, and cluster set-up, a variety of other new features were released as a part of CycleCloud v5.0, including:

  • Improved ability to deploy custom images, which greatly facilitates supporting a wide range of compute use cases
  • AWS-specific Spot Bidding Optimizations provide the ability to minimize compute cost by automatically and efficiently using features such as equivalent instance types, multiple application zones, and real-time cost monitoring among others.
  • Support for FTD (Fast Data Transfer developed by CERN). FDT is an application for efficient data transfers that is capable of reading and writing at disk speed over wide area networks (with standard TCP).
  • Event-based workflow support, which enables independent execution of multi-step workflows in the cloud, such as those composed of data transfers and multiple applications or analyses.

CycleCloud v5 is available to existing and new Cycle customers immediately.

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