FlyElephant Startup Announces Support for R, Python, and Public API

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flyelephantToday the good folks at FlyElephant announced support for R, Python, and public API for the participants of its beta testing program.

FlyElephant is a Platform-as-a-Service for scientists analyzing data and making simulations of different processes. Elastic multi-core systems, HPC and GPU clusters, software, services, templates, algorithms and data collections are now available in one place. FlyElephant automates routine tasks and helps scientists to focus on core problems solving.

The platform is now available in public beta for early adopters. After registration, users get $10 to the account and have the following functions:

  • Functionality to run computing programs that are written on C/C++ with the support of OpenMP. Compiler – GCC.
  • Functionality to run computing programs that are written on R and Python (Available for the beta program users).
  • Public API (Available for the beta program users).
  • Computing infrastructure – VM from 1 to 32 CPU and RAM up to 448 GB.
  • Data storage, viewing and downloading files of calculation results.
  • Users can sign up for FlyElephant Beta Testing Program and get next benefits: free access, availability of new features.

The FlyElephant Team is open to collaboration. Contact Dmitry Spodarets, Founder and CEO, to set up a meeting at SC15.

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