LiquidCool Solutions Launches Newest Technology at SC15

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clamshellToday LiquidCool Solutions (LCS) announced plans to launch its newest technology – the Clamshell – at SC15 in Austin. As a rack-based server, the Clamshell is low-cost and flexible enough to meet Open Compute Project design standards.

A Clamshell server costs about the same as a comparably provisioned air-cooled server, so benefits including significantly reduced operating costs, smaller footprint, elimination of water use and silent operation come for free.” said Herb Zien, CEO, LiquidCool Solution. “With Clamshell servers and racks as an option it is difficult to justify the additional capital investment required to build and support an air-cooled datacenter.”

Traditional datacenters account for 2% of electrical energy use worldwide, and more than half of that energy is wasted. LCS technology reduces the amount of energy needed to cool servers as much as 98%.  For increased sustainability, it is possible to control dielectric fluid temperature so that it leaves the rack at 125oF, hot enough to provide useful heat via a commercially available liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. Preliminary bench test results suggest that 90% of all energy input to an LCS-cooled server can be recycled.

At SC15, LCS will also display its Explorer 8, a modular, go-anywhere, high performance, high reliability compute solution that overcomes harsh environment operating challenges with improved reliability and productivity.

Designed specifically for remote environments, using both the Intel Xeon processor and Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor, the Explorer 8 provides efficient energy usage and improved scalability through modular design that expands computational capacity quickly. This modular approach also offers significantly lower initial capital costs with incremental, just-in-time expansion capability.

LiquidCool Solutions is exhibiting at booth number 3304, as well as in the Emerging Technologies exhibits on Level 4, Room 14.

Download the Print n’ Fly Guide to SC15 in Austin