New NAG Service Helps Supercomputer Buyers Make Smarter Decisions

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nagToday the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) announced plans to launch an impartial HPC technology intelligence and analysis subscription service at SC15. Developed in partnership with Red Oak Consulting, the NAG HPC Technology Intelligence Service will deliver technology insight and risk-reduction to help HPC buyers and users make better decisions and optimize their HPC investments.

The HPC Technology Intelligence Service will help you find what you need to know about HPC technology with less time, effort and cost on your part and thus enable better decisions focusing on the important information among the clutter in the HPC market. We believe the HPC Technology Intelligence Service will rapidly earn a reputation as the first choice source for buyers, managers and users of HPC technologies when seeking trusted information for their HPC strategy and planning.

The service will help customers:

  • Discover the right technology to accelerate your modeling, simulation and big data processing needs
  • Determine the best time to deploy new technologies to optimize business impact and cost-effectiveness
  • Reduce the risks in exploring and exploiting new HPC technologies
  • Reduce time, effort and cost in finding the important information among the clutter in the HPC market
  • Secure a competitive advantage in computational capability
  • Access trusted, independent experience and expertise in support of future HPC plans

The use of HPC promises real and significant benefits to those organizations that can exploit it effectively. However the world of HPC can also be a confusing place – a plethora of technology options, continuous rapid change, ambiguous long terms trends, diverse business models, and disruptive technologies. To assist buyers, users and managers of HPC facilities in navigating this complexity, NAG and Red Oak have created the HPC Technology Intelligence Service to deliver impartial intelligence and analysis on HPC technologies, backed by real experience and expertise.

Subscribers to the HPC Technology Intelligence Service core membership level will receive insight through various communication channels, including:

  • HPC Technology Intelligence Report three times per year – delivering intelligence, analysis and insight on HPC technology and trends, news, best practice tips, benchmark results and readiness plans for emerging technologies.
  • Onsite HPC Technology Intelligence Seminars presented by senior HPC experts covering current insights and discussing issues relevant to your organization, including an extensive Q&A session.

The HPC Technology Intelligence Service will also offer Gold and Platinum membership levels, each delivering a powerful set of additional features and benefits.

For more information, speak to the NAG and Red Oak Consulting team at booth #1619 at SC15.


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