UberCloud Delivers CAE as a Service with Univa Grid Engine Container Edition

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image_galleryToday the UberCloud announced a complete management and execution environment for UberCloud Application Containers powered by Univa Grid Engine Container Edition. Now, popular commercial and open source technical applications are available in ready-to-execute packages of software designed to deliver the tools that engineers need to complete their task in hand.

Popular commercial and open-source tools are pre-installed, configured, and tested, in UberCloud Containers, and are run on bare metal, without loss of performance. Featured containers include application software from ANSYS, CD-adapco, Gromacs, NICE DCV, Numeca, OpenFOAM, PSPP, Scilab, and many more to come.

In September Univa announced Univa Grid Engine Container Edition enterprise workload management and orchestration software that blends performance computing jobs with application containers in a single cloud-native environment. Univa manages policy and scheduling complexity through native integration of containers into Univa’s leading edge solution stack.

“Container’s best-selling point, in my opinion, is the fact that I don’t have to change my “routines” to set up a simulation and solve it. Using the container is as if I’m logging onto just another local network machine via remote desktop”, said Mio Suzuki, Analysis Engineer at Trek Bicycle Corporation. “This is great especially for engineers like me with short project turnaround times restricting the ability to spend time to modify my working patterns or investigate in the new setup even when the “new way of doing” may become beneficial in the long run.”

UberCloud Container technology allows a wide variety and selection for engineers because containers are portable from server to server, cloud to cloud. The cloud operators or IT departments no longer need to limit the variety, since they no longer have to install, tune and maintain the underlying software. Enterprises can rely on the UberCloud Containers to cut through this complexity by providing hardware abstraction, where the container is not tightly coupled with the server. Abstraction between the hardware and software stacks provides the ease of access and use and the agility that bare metal environments lack.

Application containers bring a simplicity to complicated performance and engineering environments never seen before”, said Wolfgang Gentzsch, President of UberCloud. “UberCloud builds powerful engineering and scientific software application containers as a professional service and in partnership with leading software providers. UberCloud and Univa technologies complement each other with Univa focusing on orchestrating jobs and containers on any computing resource infrastructure.”

UberCloud and Univa are partnering to provide a comprehensive container orchestration environment together with an early but growing set of containers for application software from ANSYS, CD-adapco, Gromacs, NICE DCV, Numeca, OpenFOAM, PSPP, Scilab, and many more to come. And, companies can now containerize all their application software, be it commercial, open source, or in-house developed. This way it will be easily accessible and usable on-demand, at their users’ finger tips: install once in a container, use anywhere.

We are excited to partner with UberCloud as they build, manage and support performance application containers available to a whole host of new users,” said Gary Tyreman, CEO of Univa Corporation. “The broad use of containers will follow the availability and best practices UberCloud’s unique offering will leverage.”

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