Video: Pathscale Compilers Power ARM for HPC at SC15

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In this video, Jason Souloglou and Eric Van Hensbergen from ARM describe how Pathscale EKOPath compilers are enabling a new HPC ecosystem based on low-power processors.

“PathScale provides the full EKOPath compiler suite including OpenACC and OpenMP 4.0 C/C++/Fortran support for ARMv8 to support HPC and Enterprise customers exploring the power efficiencies of these devices. As an enabling technology, EKOPath gives our customers the ability to compile for native ARMv8 CPU or accelerated architectures that return the fastest time to solution. Your application defines the benchmark, EKOPath lets you evaluate the new architecture with your code, across either Intel64/AMD64 and now directly compare it against the performance of enterprise ready ARMv8 processors.”

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