Call for Papers: EMiT 2016 Emerging Technologies Conference

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emitThe EMiT 2016 Emerging Technologies Conference has issued its Call for Papers. Hosted by the Mont-Blanc project, the event takes place June 2-3, 2016 in Barcelona.

Computational hardware is changing rapidly. Two decades ago, all we needed to know was the speed of upcoming hardware, not its form or the state of its software frameworks. This is no longer true with new and novel highly parallel computing architectures being unveiled continuously. This forces important questions about re-coding and future proofing existing scientific software. Emerging Technology describes this continual change of hardware and algorithms.

The EMiT conference series brings together experts from all areas of computing to examine how to best take advantage of the changing landscape of computer hardware and overcome research barriers for fields such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), computational mechanics, life sciences, and financial modelling.  Building on the successes of EMiT 2014 and EMiT 2015, EMiT 2016 aims to continue to provide a platform for the cutting edge in computing technologies as well as broaden its international reach.

Abstracts are due Feb 22, 2016.

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