Cray CS-Storm Takes GPUs to New Levels of Scalability at SC15

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Amar Shan, Cray

Amar Shan, Cray

In this video from SC15, Amar Shan describes how the the Cray CS-Storm takes GPUs to new levels of scalability. Systems like the CS-Storm have propelled Cray to power 50 percent of the TOP500 supercomputers. While the Cray CS-Storm started out successfully in government sectors, the systems have gained traction in various commercial sectors including Oil & Gas.

“As part of the Cray CS cluster supercomputer series, Cray offers the CS-Storm cluster, an accelerator-optimized system that consists of multiple high-density multi-GPU server nodes, designed for massively parallel computing workloads. Whether users collect these vast amounts of data for strategic or day-to-day operations, they can more efficiently and accurately convert raw data into actionable information.”

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