Video: Bryan Catanzaro on HPC and Deep Learning at SC15

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Bryan Catanzaro, Baidu

Bryan Catanzaro, Baidu

In this video from SC15, Bryan Catanzaro, senior researcher in Baidu Research’s Silicon Valley AI Lab describes AI projects at Baidu and how the team uses HPC to scale deep learning. Advancements in High Performance Computing are enabling researchers worldwide to make great progress in AI.

Some key points made by Bryan:

  • Progress in AI depends on reducing the time it takes to test ideas, which we do by training new models.
  • Baidu has built hardware and software systems for training models that reduce training time by scaling to multiple GPUs.
  • Once you have a good model, the next step is to take it to users, which is also computationally intensive, so we use GPUs for this as well.

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