Interview: New DiscoverHPC Directory Puts All-Things-HPC in One Place

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DiscoverhpcAs the reach of high performance computing continues to expand, so does the worldwide HPC community. In such a fast-growing ecosystem, how do you find the right HPC resources to match your needs?

Enter, a new directory that takes on the daunting task of trying to put all-things-HPC in one place. To learn more, we caught up with the site curator, Ron Denny.

insideHPC: What is DiscoverHPC and why did you create it?

Ron Denny, DiscoverHPC

Ron Denny, DiscoverHPC

Ron Denny: is a list of high performance computing users, vendors and resources presented in way that is easily searchable using search tags and a search filter. The list is a work in progress as I continue to add more entries, but I felt it contained enough (currently 1174 entries) to launch the initial version of the website.

insideHPC: What do you do for your day job?

Ron Denny: My “day job” mostly consists of running the company I founded, Creative Inbound Marketing LLC, which includes DiscoverHPC.  I am also the web services manager for Data Vortex Technologies.

insideHPC: What did you learn in the course of compiling this comprehensive listing of HPC resources?

Ron Denny: I learned that there are thousands of HPC resources worldwide and soon realized it would take much longer to build this list than I initially thought. In addition, I learned that many commercial companies who use high performance computing do not actively publicize it on their own website, making it hard to include them on the list.  The challenge is not only finding these companies but also finding a suitable link to a resource that explains how they are using high performance computing. The goal of adding more commercial users to the list is something I will continue to work towards.

insideHPC: How can our readers add their institutions to the DiscoverHPC directory?

Ron Denny: Any company or institution that is involved with high performance computing can add a listing by selecting “Add to the HPC List” in the top menu. If you see that you are already part of the list and want your description or search tags changed, you can send an email on the contact page and those changes will be made.

insideHPC: Are you looking for sponsors?

Ron Denny: I am not looking for sponsors at this time. I am primarily focused on continuing to build the list and making it as useful as possible.

insideHPC: Now that you’ve created DiscoverHPC, what comes next?

Ron Denny: One of my main priorities will be to continue adding entries to DiscoverHPC and make the site load faster.  I am also looking forward to starting my next website project for Creative Inbound Marketing LLC.

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