Enterprise HPC Storage System

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In many HPC environments, the storage system is an afterthought. While the main focus is on the CPU’s the selection and implementation of the storage hardware and software is critical to an efficient and productive overall HPC environment. Without the ability to move data quickly into and out of the CPU system, the HPC users would not be able to obtain the performance that is expected. Dell and Intel have combined to create an innovative solution.

enterprise HPC Storage SystemsDell, in conjunction with Intel has created an extremely high performance storage system for HPC environments based on Lustre. With a simplified installation, configuration, and management features built in, organizations can become more productive faster, without having to spend significant amount of time on administrative tasks. The Dell Storage for HPC with Intel EE for Lustre Solution brings a very high performing storage system into the enterprise. Information can be made available to a wide range of users in various organizations in order to run simulations or to analyze data faster than before. Innovation is accelerated and products can be brought to market faster with a highly tuned storage system.

Scaling is an important aspect of any HPC installation.  The Dell and Intel Lustre solution can seamlessly scale from hundreds of terabytes to petabytes. This integrated solution can also be integrated with Hadoop(R)  analytics in order to speed up analytics which require sorting through extreme amounts of data. The Dell and Intel Lustre solution is built on the Dell PowerEdge™ and PowerVault™ hardware systems, which provides redundant servers and failover-enabled storage.

This solution brief describes how Dell and Intel have created an innovative solution, which combines world class hardware and software to address the HPC users needs within an enterprise.  Users can expect to get maximum performance for a wide range of applications, which can be simply administered with the latest management features.  Download the solution brief now.