Use-Cases and Methods for Scalable Enterprise HPC in the Cloud

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David Pellerin, Amazon AWS

David Pellerin, Amazon AWS

In this video from the Intel HPC Developer Conference at SC15, David Pellerin, HPC Business Development Principal at Amazon Web presents: Use-Cases and Methods for Scalable Enterprise HPC in the Cloud.

“High Performance Computing allows scientists and engineers to solve complex science, engineering, and business problems using applications that require high bandwidth, enhanced networking, and very high compute capabilities. AWS allows you to increase the speed of research by running high performance computing in the cloud and to reduce costs by providing Cluster Compute or Cluster GPU servers on-demand without large capital investments. You have access to a full-bisection, high bandwidth network for tightly-coupled, IO-intensive workloads, which enables you to scale out across thousands of cores for throughput-oriented applications.”

David Pellerin serves as Business Development Principal for High Performance Computing at Amazon Web Services, with a focus on high-scale applications in engineering, manufacturing, financial services, life sciences, media, and energy.

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