Genomics and HPC

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Genome sequencing is a technology that can takes advantage of the growing capability of todays ‘ modern HPC systems. Dell is leading the charge in the area of personalized medicine by providing highly tuned systems to perform genomic sequencing and data management. The whitepaper, The InsideHPC Guide to Genomic is a overview of how Dell is providing state-of-the-art solutions to the life science industry.

There are many aspects of creating a solution that can manage tremendous amounts of data and perform fast sequencing. The system must be architected and tuned to use the right combination of CPUs, memory, network and storage to provide a balanced solution. By integrating the appropriate components, Dell has created an optimized system that has been tested for a variety of applications and storage requirements. The Dell Genomic Data Analysis Platform (GDAP) includes the latest Intel Xeon processors, InfiniBand and 10 GB Ethernet, as well as the latest Intel Studio software.

Large, well known institutions such as TGEN and the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC) are using Dell servers and storage. These organizations have been able to perform research without having to be concerned about the complexities of their servers, by relying on tested platforms by Dell.

The Dell GDAP system is described in detail, complete with diagrams in the whitepaper, The InsideHPC Guide to Genomics. This guide explores the various aspects to performing genomics research with the latest servers and software from Dell and Intel.  This is a must read that shows how a leading hardware vendor can create specific, tuned system for software eco-systems that are critical in todays world such as genomics research.  Download the paper now.