Podcast: Alan Gara on the Intel Scalable System Framework

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Alan Gara

Alan Gara

Alan Gara, Intel Fellow & Chief Architect, Exascale Systems

In this Chip Chat podcast, Intel’s Chief Architect for Exascale Systems Alan Gara describes how Intel’s Scalable System Framework (SSF) is meeting the extreme challenges and opportunities that researchers and scientists face in high performance computing today.

“SSF incorporates many different Intel technologies including; Intel Xeon and Phi processors, Intel Omni-Path Fabrics, silicon photonics, innovative memory technologies, and efficiently integrates these elements into a broad spectrum of system solutions optimized for both compute and data-intensive workloads. Mr. Gara emphasizes that this framework has the ability to scale from very small HPC systems all the way up to exascale computing systems and meets the needs of users in a very scalable and flexible way.”

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