Intel® Scalable System Framework and Dell’s Strategic Focus on HPC

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(left to right) Charlie Wuischpard, Jim Ganthier, and Rich Brueckenr

(left to right) Charlie Wuischpard, Jim Ganthier, and Rich Brueckner

In this video, Jim Ganthier from Dell and Charlie Wuischpard from Intel describe how their two companies are working together to drive innovation in HPC.

“A lot of the excitement and the buzz that you’re seeing here around the booth is because we are partnering on fundamentally two things: One, helping to Disrupt. And two, helping to Democratize HPC,” said Jim Ganthier, VP of Global Enterprise Solutions & Business Alliances at Dell. “One of the things that Charlie and I and Intel and Dell share is a passion for customers, helping to change industries. And frankly, we’ve all been in the industry for a long time and HPC has traditionally been the realm of higher end academia and government. We think that there is a large pyramid below. So by partnering on innovations, by partnering on ecosystems, by partnering in terms of labs, we’re going to be able to take all of that wonderful opportunity and make it readily available to enterprises of all classes.”

At SC15, Dell announced a new expansion of its Dell HPC Innovation Lab in cooperation with Intel specifically for support of its Intel Scalable System Framework. This multi-million dollar expansion to the Austin, Texas, facility includes additional domain expertise, infrastructure and technologists. The lab is designed to unlock the capabilities and commercialize the benefits of advanced processing, network and storage technologies as well as enable open standards across the industry.

Dell and Intel Partnership

Beyond becoming the first major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to join the Intel Fabric Builders program, Dell is working closely with Intel to support its Intel Scalable System Framework, which includes Intel Omni-Path Fabric technology, next-generation Intel Xeon processors, the Intel Xeon Phi processor family, and the Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre. Announcements include:

  • New Dell Networking H-Series switches and adapters for PowerEdge servers featuring the Intel® Omni-Path Architecture.  These provide a next-generation fabric technology designed for HPC deployments. The architecture includes advanced features such as traffic flow optimization, packet integrity protection and dynamic lane scaling allowing for finer-grained control on the fabric level to enable high resiliency, high performance and optimized traffic movement.
  • Dell and Intel support for the Linux Foundation’s OpenHPC community. The community is designed to provide a common platform on which end-users can collaborate and innovate to simplify the complexity of installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of implementing a custom software stack and easing a path to exascale.
  • Dell will showcase many components of the Intel Scalable System Framework including Intel Omni-Path Architecture, Intel Enterprise Edition of Lustre, and Intel Xeon Phi processor family. In addition, Dell is hosting numerous confidential advisory sessions with customers at the show gathering insights to help optimize its implementation of systems using next-generation Intel Xeon Phi.

We’re excited to collaborate with Dell to bring advanced systems to market early next year using the Intel Scalable System Framework,” said Charles Wuischpard, vice president and general manager of HPC Platform Group at Intel. “Dell’s position as our largest and fastest-growing customer for Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre, their work on Omni-Path Architecture and next-generation Intel Xeon Phi, and their initiatives to expand the Dell Innovation Lab demonstrate their commitment to rapidly expanding the ecosystem for HPC.”

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