Video: OpenMP and the Intel Compiler

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Kent Millfield, TACC

Kent Milfeld, TACC

In this video from the Intel HPC Developer Conference at SC15, Kent Milfeld from TACC presents: OpenMP and the Intel Compiler.

“The OpenMP standard has recently been extended to cover offload and SIMD. The Intel compiler has provided its own implementations of offload and SIMD for some time before the extensions to the OpenMP standard was approved, and that standard is still evolving. This talk describes what you can do with the Intel compiler that you cannot yet do in OpenMP including some where gaps are getting closed soon, and some which will remain for a while. The talk will also highlight where things are done differently between the language interfaces of the Intel compiler and the OpenMP standard. The talk is relevant both to those who seek to port existing code to the OpenMP standard, and to those who are starting afresh.”

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