Using OpenStack to Manage a Data Analytics HPC Cluster at PSC

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Robert Budden, PSC

Robert Budden, PSC

In this video from the Intel HPC Developer Conference at SC15, Ray Scott and Robert Budden from the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center presents: Using OpenStack to Manage a Data Analytics HPC Cluster.

“This talk will discuss the plans to use OpenStack to manage and automate dynamically changing an environment to provide users a highly re-configurable software environment with access to a large number of operating systems and software packages on the “Bridges system.” It will feature elements of OpenStack related to bare-metal booting, network provisioning, container management, storage, and scheduling nodes to match the workloads of the users.”

The Bridges supercomputer will bring a whole new level of computational capabilities to researchers working in a diverse range of fields including genomics, social sciences and the humanities. Based on the NSF grant, the acquisition of Bridges began in December 2014 with a target production date of January 2016. Compute nodes and the Intel Omni-Path Architecture fabric are being delivered by HPE based on an architecture designed by PSC.

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