Buddy Bland Presents an Update on the Summit Supercomputer

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buddyIn this video from SC15, Buddy Bland from Oak Ridge National Laboratory presents a Coral Update. As one of three Coral systems, the Summit supercomputer will arrive at OLCF in 2017 and be ready for users in 2018.

“Summit will deliver more than five times the computational performance of Titan’s 18,688 nodes, using only approximately 3,400 nodes. Each Summit node will contain multiple IBM POWER9 CPUs and NVIDIA Volta GPUs all connected together with NVIDIA’s high-speed NVLink and a huge amount of memory. Each node will have over half a terabyte of coherent memory (HBM “high bandwidth memory” + DDR4) addressable by all CPUs and GPUs, plus an additional 800 gigabytes of NVRAM. To provide a high rate of I/O throughput, the nodes will be connected in a non-blocking fat-tree using a dual-rail Mellanox EDR InfiniBand interconnect.”


Upon completion, Summit will allow researchers in all fields of science unprecedented access to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

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