Mellanox Showcases Switch-IB 2 on the Road to Exascale at SC15

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Scot Schultz, Mellanox

Scot Schultz, Mellanox

In this video from SC15, Scot Schultz from Mellanox describes the company’s new Switch-IB 2, the new generation of its InfiniBand switch optimized for High-Performance Computing, Web 2.0, database and cloud data centers, capable of 100Gb/s per port speeds.

“Switch-IB 2 is the world’s first smart network switch that offloads MPI operations from the CPU to the network to deliver 10X performance improvements. Switch-IB 2 will enables a performance breakthrough in building the next generation scalable and data intensive data centers, enabling users to gain a competitive advantage.”

With the exponential growth of data being generated around the world and the increase of applications that can take advantage of real-time massive data processing for high performance, data analytics, business intelligence, national security and ‘Internet of Things’ applications, the market demands not just the fastest interconnect available, but also smartest, efficient solution to free the CPU to focus on the application rather than the network.

Collective operations, commonly used in HPC communication protocols such as MPI and SHMEM, have implications on overall application performance and scale. Switch-IB 2 enables the switch to manage collective communications using embedded hardware. Switch-IB 2 decreases the amount of data traversing the network, reduce application latency with additional benefit of freeing up CPU resources for computation rather than using them to process communication.

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