Video: Intel Forms Strategic Partnership with The Alan Turing Institute

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(Left to Right) Karl Solchenbach, Intel and Patrick Wolfe, Alan Turing Institute

(Left to Right) Karl Solchenbach, Intel and Patrick Wolfe, Alan Turing Institute

In this video from SC15, Patrick Wolfe from the Alan Turing Institute and Karl Solchenbach from Intel describe a strategic partnership to deliver a research program focussed on HPC and data analytics. Created to promote the development and use of advanced mathematics, computer science, algorithms and big data for human benefit, the Alan Turing Institute is a joint venture between the universities of Warwick, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, UCL and EPSRC.

Intel will dedicate a hardware architecture team at the Institute’s facilities so that new algorithms developed by The Alan Turing Institute feed into the design of Intel’s future generations of microprocessors. As well as conducting research, the partnership will train a new generation of data scientists through The Alan Turing Institute’s doctoral program, ensuring students are equipped with the latest data science techniques, tools, and methodologies.

“The Data Scientist is a very captivating and crucial job of the 21st century,” said Christian Morales, Corporate Vice President, General Manager Intel EMEA. “With the right combination of people and technology, Big Data has the potential to solve big problems in public health, medicine, science, agriculture and engineering. We are committed to helping The Alan Turing Institute develop a fertile breeding ground for data scientists, with the greater purpose of driving critical data analytics across all industries.”

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