Podcast: Big Data on the Wrangler Supercomputer

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Wrangler Supercomputer

Wrangler Supercomputer

In this TACC podcast, Niall Gaffney from the Texas Advanced Computing Center discusses the Wrangler supercomputer for data-intensive computing.

We went to propose to build Wrangler with (the data world) in mind. We kept a lot of what was good with systems like Stampede, but then added new things to it like a very large flash storage system, a very large distributed spinning disc storage system, and high speed network access to allow people who have data problems that weren’t being fulfilled by systems like Stampede and Lonestar to be able to do those in ways that they never could before.

Wrangler is the most powerful data analysis system allocated in XSEDE. The system is designed for large scale data transfer, analytics, and sharing and provides flexible support for a wide range of software stacks and workflows. Its scalable design allows for growth in the number of users and data applications. Dell Inc. and EMC are the two strategic partners providing the technology that make up the core of Wrangler. Wrangler uses EMC’s DSSD rack-scale flash technology to ensure speed and performance, enabling real-time analytics at scale.

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