2016 MSST Conference Video Gallery

SCUWelcome to the 2016 MSST Conference Video Gallery


Pre-Show Coverage:

Presentation Videos:

  • Scalable High Performance FLASH Systems, Jeff Bonwick, EMC DSSD, * Video * Slides
  • Panel: Workflows for Specifying System Acquisitions
    • Moderator intro: Gary Grider, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Video * Slides
    • Workflow Analysis: An Approach to Characterize Application and System Needs, David Montoya, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Video * Slides
    • Storage Performance Modeling for Future Systems, Yoonho Park, IBM, Video * Slides
    • Adoption Trends for Solid State in Big Data Sites, Bret Weber, DDN, Video * Slides
    • Lance Evans, Cray, Video * Slides

A Holistic Framework for Data-Intensive Workflows, Ian Corner, CSIRO (Australia) * Video * Slides

Panel: Data-Intensive Workflows * Complete Panel Video

  • Moderator: Ian Corner, CSIRO (Australia) Slides
  • Peter Caccetta, Data61
  • Jake Carroll, University of Queensland Brain Institute, Slides
  • Kirk Jordan, Hartree Centre – Science and Technology Facilities Council
  • Massimo Noro, Unilever, Slides
  • Don Preuss, Starfish Storage

Leveraging Disk for Large-Scale, Long-Term Storage Applications

  • Moderator: Jim Gerry, IBM,  * Video * Slides
  • Whiter Hard Disks for Archives, Dave Anderson, Seagate, * Video * Slides
  • Roark Hilomen, Sandisk,  Slides * Video
  • Leveraging Large-Scale Disk Systems in a Web-based Photo Archive: Design, Operations, and Future Plans, Mike Kugler, Shutterfly, * Video * Slides
  • A Perspective on Power Management for Hard Disks, Kirill Malkin, SGI * Video * Slides
  • A Quick Overview of Backblaze, Nilay Patel, Backblaze,  * Video * Slides

Lightning Talks:

  • Superfacility: How new workflows in the DOE Office of Science are changing storage system requirements, Katie Antypas, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • Everspan—an optical storage solution with tape performance, at tape cost, but without the tape issues, Horst Schellong, Sony * Video * Slides



  • Learnings from Operating 200 PB of Disk-Based Storage, Gleb Budman, Backblaze * Video * Slides
  • Leveraging Flash in Scalable Environments, Roark Hilomen, Sandisk * Video * Slides
  • 3D NAND FLASH: Current Technology and Future Trends. Rob Peglar, Micron, * Video * Slides

Panel: Media Trends * Video

  • Moderator: Matthew O’Keefe, Oracle
  • The Future of Tape (far from dead), April Alstrinå, Oracle, Video * Slides
  • Scaling the Areal Density Mountain, Dave Anderson, Seagate, Video * Slides
  • Bob Fontana, IBM Almaden Research, Video * Slides
  • Roark Hilomen, Sandisk
  • Rob Peglar, Micron

MarsFS: A Near-POSIX Namespace Leveraging Scalable Object Storage, David Bonnie, Los Alamos National Laboratory * Video * Slides

Panel: Evolving Semantics for Object Storage * Video

  • Big Data is now a Proper Noun, Moderator: Randy Olinger, Optum United Health Group, Video * Slides
  • David Bonnie, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Ian Corner, CSIRO
  • Versity: Archiving to Objects, Harriet Coverston, Versity Software, Video * Slides
  • NCCS Data Analytics and Storage System (DASS), Carrie Spear, NASA Goddard, Video * Slides
  • Justin Stottlemeyer, Intuit


  • Eternal 5D Data Storage in Glass, Peter Kazansky, University of Southampton (UK) * Video * Slides
  • Array head high performance, scalable optical storage solution for data centers with 100 year media warranty, Horst Schellong, Sony * Video * Slides
  • Building Scalable, High Performance Block Storage via an RDMA-based Hyperconverged Platform, Josh Goldenhar, Excelero * No Video Available