2016 HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Workshop Video Gallery

HPC AC LogoWelcome to the 2016 HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Workshop


Day One: Wednesday, March 21, 2016

  Welcome to the Swiss HPC Conference, Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council, Slides * Video


Welcome to HPC in Switzerland, Michele de Lorenzi, CSCS, Deputy Director * Video


Industry Shifts to Open Infrastructure and Momentum of OpenPOWER Foundation, Calista Redmond, IBM, Open Power Global Alliances * Video * Slides



Best Practices: High-Performance and Scalable Designs of Programming Models for Exascale Systems, DK Panda, Ohio State University * Video * Slides


Tutorial Part I: Deep Learning, Zaikun Xu, Università della Svizzera Italiana * Video * Slides

Tutorial Part 2: Deep Learning, Zaikun Xu, Università della Svizzera Italiana * Video



Best Practices: Addressing Emerging Challenges in Designing HPC Runtimes: Energy- Awareness, Accelerators and Virtualization, DK Panda, Ohio State University * Video * Slides


Best Practices: Increasing Cluster Performance by Combining rCUDA with Slurm, Federico Silla, Technical University of Valencia  * Video * Slides


Best Practices: Shifter – Containers in HPC environments, Miguel Gila, Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico * Video * Slides



Day 2



Big Data Meets HPC – Exploiting HPC Technologies for Accelerating Big Data Processing, DK Panda, Ohio State University, Video * Slides

Industry Insights: An Open Source HPC Stack To Simplify Management and Use, Luigi Brochard, Lenovo, Video * Slides


Tutorial Part I: Open Stack for Academic Use-Cases, Sergio Maffioletti, University of Zurich, Video * Slides


Industry Insights: Protecting Your Data, Protecting Your Hardware, Jean Thomas Acquaviva, DDN, Video * Slides


Industry Insights: The Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform, Axel Koehler, NVIDIA, Video * Slides


Best Practices: Applications Performance Optimizations, Pak Lui, HPC Advisory Council , Video * Slides


Industry Insights: HPC Storage Update, Miro Lehocky, Seagate Technologies, Video * Slides


Best Practices: The State of Linux Containers, Christian Kniep, Gaikai Inc., Video * Slides


Best Practices: Reproducible Computational Pipelines with Docker and Nextflow, Paolo Di Tommaso, Center for Genomic RegulationVideo * Slides


Industry Insights: Looking Back Into the (Parallel) HPC Future, Herbert Cornelius, Intel, Video * Slides


The Road To Exascale – Panel * Video


Day 3


Keynote: Co-Design Architecture – Emergence of New Co-Processors, Dror Goldenberg, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides


Industry Insights: HPC and Hyperscale Trends for 2016, Addison Snell, Intersect360, Video * Slides


Tutorial Part I: EasyBuild – Getting Scientific Software Installed With Ease, Kenneth Hoste, University Ghent, Video * Slides


Industry Insights: OpenPOWER Roadmap Toward CORAL, Klaus Gottschalk, IBM, Video * Slides


Industry Insights: Fresh Technologies Power Innovative, Efficient and Scalable HPC, Francis Lam, Huawei Technologies, Video * Slides


Tutorial Part II: Getting Started With EasyBuild, Kenneth Hoste, University Ghent, Video * Slides


Tutorial Part II: Open Stack, Saverio Proto, SWITCH, Video * Slides


Best Practices: Using Xeon + FPGA for Accelerating HPC Workloads, Elijah Charles, Intel, Video * Slides


Quantum Effect, Bo Ewald, D-Wave Systems, Video * Slides