Bright Computing & BitNet Manage Simulation Infrastructure at FNSS in Turkey

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bright-cluster-manager-standardToday Bright Computing announced that it has collaborated with BitNet in Turkey to provide an infrastructure management solution to FNSS. As is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tracked and wheeled armored combat vehicles, FNSS provides weapon systems for the Turkish and Allied Armed Forces.

We ran rigorous tests on Bright for HPC and found it to be the best cluster management product on the market,” said Ali Serdar Atalay, Technology Entrepreneur at BitNet. “We also value Bright’s excellent technical customer support during the installation and SLA process.”

Founded in 2012, BitNet develops interactive HPC and big data solutions for education, energy, defense, and broadcasting companies across Turkey. BitNet works very closely with key academic researchers from all over the world; partners with leading companies such as Airbus, Austria Institute of Technology; and participates in many leading research programmes such as Horizon 2020, Eranet and Eureaka.

BitNet, a hardware-vendor-neutral solution provider, chose to partner with Bright Computing in 2014 because the Bright technology was also hardware agnostic and BitNet believed Bright offered the best infrastructure management solution for HPC and big data.

FNSS approached BitNet with a requirement to improve the speed of its simulations, which were being run on a Windows-based HPC cluster. BitNet upgraded FNSS’ hardware infrastructure and deployed Bright infrastructure management software to overarch the new environment.

Using the power of Bright, BitNet quickly installed Grid visualisation software over bare metal, to run on the Linux head node, which has enabled the designers at FNSS to run and visualise their simulations from any client, anywhere. As a result, FNSS can now carry out multiple simulations concurrently, and be finished in less than one hour.

In addition, Bright Cluster Manager makes it very easy for FNSS to administer, operate and manage their cluster; nodes can be redeployed or shutdown very easily. FNSS Senior System Administrator, Tolgay Deniz who is in charge of the project indicated that “with the help of Bright cluster’s easy to use administration and monitoring GUIs and BitNet’s lead HPC Expert, Oğuzhan Herkiloğlu’s custom tailored scripts and excellent support, we were, singlehandedly able to bring and the much needed necessary computing power and visualization to our R&D projects in short amount time without requiring additional dedicated personnel.”

Ali Serdar Atalay, Technology Entrepreneur at BitNet, commented; “This is not the first win for BitNet and Bright. Together we did a great job at Atilim University Metal forming Center, and it was Atilim that referred us to FNSS, as an expert provider of HPC solutions. I believe that FNSS chose us for this project because the combination of BitNet’s GPU virtualisation and job submission web-based tools and excellent customer delivery record, coupled with Bright’s best of breed HPC and big data solutions, proved to be a clear winner for the manufacturer.”

Clemens Engler, Director, Business Development, EMEA at Bright Computing, added; “On the FNSS project, Bright and BitNet worked as a real team. BitNet offered excellent service to the customer which included extensive documentation. Bright supported BitNet by providing a superior software solution that was easy to install and use, as well as real-time customer support to ensure a positive customer experience.”

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