HPC People on the Move – New Year’s Edition

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Dr. Lewey Anton

Lewey Anton

It’s me again–Dr. Lewey Anton. I’ve been commissioned by insideHPC to get the scoop on who’s jumping ship and moving on up in high performance computing.

Here are the latest developments:

  • Paul Alivisatos

    Paul Alivisatos

    Paul Alivisatos, director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a professor of chemistry is among nine chosen to receive the National Medal of Science. An award-winning chemist, Alivisatos is an internationally recognized authority on the fabrication of nanocrystals and their use in solar energy applications, he is the scientific founder of two prominent nanotechnology companies, Nanosys and Quantum Dot Corp, now a part of Life Tech.

  • Chenming Hu

    Chenming Hu

    Chenming Hu, a professor emeritus of electrical engineering and computer sciences at UC Berkeley has been selected to receive the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Hu is well-known for innovations, in particular the FinFET (a type of field-effect transistor), that have allowed the semiconductor industry to produce smaller yet more reliable and higher-performing integrated circuits.

  • Sheng Dai

    Sheng Dai

    Sheng Dai from Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been named one of the Reuters most highly cited researchers in the world. Dai was recognized in the chemistry category. He conducts research on the functionality of mesoporous oxides, carbons, and ionic liquids for separations and other real-world applications, catalysis by nanomaterials, sol-gel synthesis and molecular imprinting of inorganic materials.

  • Liza Gabrielson

    Liza Gabrielson

    Liza Gabrielson has joined Intel Enterprise Developer & Data Center Marketing. She left her long-time Datacenter Marketing gig at Nvidia in October.



  • Sharan Kalwani

    Sharan Kalwani

    Sharan Kalwani is now Director of HPCC the iCER Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research in Lansing Michigan. iCER is home to the Michigan State University High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) which was established to provide the computational hardware, software, and support to MSU faculty, students, and researchers enabling advanced computing.

  • John Lee

    John Lee

    John Lee is now HPC Segment Leader at Intel. He left his position as VP Cluster Solutions at Cray in September, a company he joined a few years ago as part of Cray’s acquisition of Appro.



  • Jay Muelhoefer

    Jay Muelhoefer

    Jay Muelhoefer has left IBM Platform for new job as Chief Marketing Officer at Intralinks. The Software-as-a-Service company is a “global market leader for data sharing and collaboration solutions.”


  • Crystal Smith

    Crystal Smith

    Crystal Smith has left Penguin Computing for a new gig as Campaign Manager at Nvidia. The company does a lot of exhibits worldwide, and we’re looking forward to seeing Crystal keep it all together.



  • Brian Sparks

    Brian Sparks

    Brian Sparks has joined Netronome after a long-time gig at Mellanox and the HPC Advisory Council. While not currently in the HPC space, Netronome’s flow processing solutions increase the network performance of virtualized servers and networks by offloading compute-intensive workloads, such as network virtualization, security, flow analysis, content processing, deep packet inspection and intelligent load balancing.

  • Ed Turkel

    Ed Turkel

    Ed Turkel has joined Dell’s growing HPC team in the role of HPC Strategist, helping to develop Dell’s evolving HPC Strategy, as Dell increases its investments in this strategic and growing market. He left his long-time gig as Group Manager for HP’s World Wide HPC Business Development team back in May.

Have you moved or know of HPC folks in new positions? Let us know by sending an email to: lewey@insidehpc.com.

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