Call for Papers: 2016 Optical Interconnects Conference

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photonicsThe fifth annual Optical Interconnects Conference has issued its Call for Papers. Hosted by the IEEE Photonics Society, the event takes place May 9-11 in San Diego.

Optical interconnect strategies can only be fully realized when optimized at the system level,” said Lukas Chrostowski, University of British Columbia and Samuel Palermo, Texas A&M University, OI Conference 2016 General Co-Chairs. “This year’s Optical Interconnects Conference promises to be an important step in the exploration of the interconnect potential for future petascale and exascale platforms in supercomputers and datacenters.”

Established as the Workshop on Interconnections within High Speed Digital Systems more than 25 years ago, the conference is designed to facilitate collaboration between the optical industry’s leading engineers and researchers to bring new optical interconnect architectures and technologies from research lab concepts to commercial realities, covering the complete spectrum of high performance interconnect technologies, from on-chip interconnects to enterprise-wide communications networks.

The conference program will cover the latest innovations in a wide range of interconnect challenges, including network systems, subsystems, architectures, applications and devices, delivered in more than 80 technical presentations that combine invited talks with refereed papers and poster sessions. A special evening panel session will be held on Monday evening to enable attendees to engage with expert panelists from industry and academia to exchange ideas about the future for optical interconnect technology.

Papers will be accepted immediately, and the paper submission deadline is January 24, 2016. Authors will be notified in March of their paper status. Accepted papers are published on the IEEE Xplore digital library shortly after the conference, providing worldwide exposure for all authors.

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