Interview: How is bringing the Student Cluster Competition to India

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The world-wide series of Student Cluster Competitions is coming to the nation of India this year. As part of the Inaugural Distributed & Embedded-High Performance Computing (de-HPC) Symposium, ISSC “The Supercomputing Game” will take place during  June 1-4 in VMCC IIT Bombay. To learn more, we caught up with the organizer of the event, Umesh Gupta from Syncthreads Computing.

insideHPC: What prompted you to organize the first Indian Student Supercomputing Challenge?

Umesh Gupta,

Umesh Gupta,

Umesh Gupta: HPC in India is getting noticed on a different scale today. Starting with lot of initiatives across, the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) gives clear HPC roadmap with assert confidence of dominating HPC in India. The student cluster competition to me is a perfect way to introduce, develop and enhance the HPC technologies around. ISSC opens up an interesting and innovative platform for HPC student fraternity in India to experience the computer science and computational science.

insideHPC: Can you please explain what you mean by de-HPC?

Umesh Gupta: Distributed & Embedded-High Performance Computing (de-HPC) pronounced as “The HPC” is a four day HPC symposium organized by Center for Studies in Resources Engineering (CSRE) IIT Bombay, supported by Syncthreads Computing and HPC Advisory Council. Professors Surya Durbha and B.K Mohan (CSRE) heads the organizing committee, whereas Dr. Jack Wells & Dr. Dustin Leverman (ORNL), Dr. Kurt Keville (MIT), Dr. Stephens Harrell (Purdue), Dr. Doug Smith (Colorado) and Dr. Yash Yukidave (Northeastern) are some of the names on the de-HPC’s international committee. de-HPC is loaded with Industry-Academic Keynotes, Workshops, Tutorials, BoF’s, Poster’s, and Quizzes. Prof. Rajat Moona, Director General of CDAC is one of the keynote speakers.

insideHPC: What do you do for your day job?

de-hpcUmesh Gupta: I am a Member of Research Staff at Syncthreads Computing, Mumbai. HPC research team at Syncthreads Computing is indulged into Healthcare, Defense, Intelligence, Aerospace and GIS applications.

insideHPC: Are you looking for sponsors for this event?

Umesh Gupta: Yes, we welcome worldwide sponsors as exhibits ( de-HPC has received national and international support.

insideHPC: How can student teams apply and what is the deadline?

Umesh Gupta: Student teams can apply at through EasyChair. Team proposal submission is due on January 30, 2016. The selected teams will be announced on February 1, 2016. Call for Posters, BoF’s and Tutorials are open and due on March 31, 2016. Write to for any help.

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