Allinea Scalable Profiler Speeds Application Readiness for Summit Supercomputer at Oak Ridge

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summitToday Allinea announced that Oak Ridge National Laboratory has deployed its code performance profiler Allinea MAP in strength on the Titan supercomputer. The tool adds to their existing adoption of the scalable debugger, Allinea DDT.

The Titan system is the world’s fastest supercomputer for open science – with a peak performance of 27-PetaFLOPS (27 thousand trillion floating point operations per second).

Allinea MAP enables developers of software for supercomputers of all sizes to produce faster code. Its deployment on Titan will help to use the system’s 299,008 CPU cores and 18,688 GPUs more efficiently.

Software teams at Oak Ridge are also preparing for the arrival of the next generation supercomputer, the Summit pre-Exascale system – which will be capable of over 150 PetaFLOPS in 2018.

“As ORNL prepares to deploy the Summit system, we are working to standardize on a suite of application development tools that will work on Titan today, and Summit in the future. We have enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Allinea to scale and deploy DDT on Titan and previous systems. We now see MAP as a performance tool that will help our users with the transition from Titan to Summit by providing a portable performance analysis solution,” said Buddy Bland, project director for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility.

Allinea’s tools are cross-platform and support the many hardware vendors in HPC, which will be a key part of helping users as they migrate their codes to the Summit system’s OpenPOWER architecture.

“MAP is user-friendly, and allows even users who may not have extensive experience with performance analysis to easily and quickly begin to understand and improve their codes,” said David Bernholdt, distinguished research staff member at ORNL. “The ability to offer a common set of tools on Titan, the new development platforms for Summit, and Summit itself will also be a major benefit to users,” he added.

“We are delighted to extend our relationship with Oak Ridge through helping them to tackle the challenges of performance,” said David Lecomber, CEO of Allinea Software. “Extreme scale computing is a vital strategic part of science today and Oak Ridge is a leader in the field. Ensuring that their scientific applications are able to use supercomputing efficiently benefits everyone.”

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