Podcast: Ceph and the Future of Software Defined Storage

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Dan Ferber, Software Defined Storage Technologist, Intel

Dan Ferber, Software Defined Storage Technologist, Intel

In this Intel Chip Chat podcast, Dan Ferber, Open Source Server Based Storage Technologist at Intel and Ross Turk, Director of Product Marketing for Red Hat describe how Ceph plays a critical role in delivering the full enterprise capability of OpenStack. Ross explains how Ceph allows you to build storage using open source software and standard servers and disks providing a lot of flexibility and enabling you to easily scale out storage. By lowering hardware costs, lowering the vendor lock-in threshold, and enabling customers to fix and enhance their own code, open source and software defined storage (SDS) solutions are enabling the future of next generation storage.

“Red Hat Ceph Storage is a massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system that gives you unified storage for your cloud environment. With object and block storage in 1 platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage does the work of efficiently and automatically managing the petabytes of data needed to run your business—so you don’t have to.”

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