Zadara Storage-as-a-Service comes to PCPC Direct

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PCPCToday Zadara Storage announced that PCPC Direct has added the Zadara Storage Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) solution to their product portfolio to provide enterprise-grade storage-as-a-service to their HPC customers in a wide variety of markets.

We are pleased to be adding PCPC Direct to our family of partners”, said Bob Sarubbi, vice president of sales at Zadara Storage. “The HPC market can benefit greatly from the agility, elasticity and economic benefits of the Zadara VPSA Storage-as-a-Service offering.”

PCPC Direct has an 18-year history of providing IT operations and managed services to some of the most demanding customers in the HPC market. PCPC Direct provides the underlying infrastructure for companies developing scientific calculations in the aerospace industry, cutting-edge research in higher education and medical research, seismic research for multi-national energy companies and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) for genomic research projects.

Like many managed services providers, PCPC direct has seen a shift in demand from traditional storage acquisition to an “as-a-service” model and are positioning their company to be a leader in Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) solutions for their specific vertical markets.

PCPC Direct evaluated the market and chose to align with Zadara Storage for a number of key reasons. First, the pay-as-you-go operating expense business model provided tremendous advantages over the traditional capital expense approach. Second, they found a critical set of enterprise-grade features that are not typically available in cloud storage offerings. Third, they were impressed with Zadara’s flexibility. The fact that the storage can be provided in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid offering was particularly valuable for their customer base. Finally, the Zadara Storage offering is designed to support service providers. Zadara’s tiered-architecture provides easy provisioning, resource isolation and charge-back capabilities making it a seamless solution for PCPC Direct to deploy to their customers.

“PCPC prides itself on being a technology leader and bringing exceptional solutions to our customers”, said Joe Vaught, executive vice president, COO at PCPC Direct. “The market is struggling with how to move to the cloud, whether it be public, private, or hybrid models. With PCPC and Zadara Storage, our customers enjoy the most flexible and robust technical and financial model to win in the marketplace.”

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