Video: Why Wouldn’t You Use Public Cloud for HPC?

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Rob Futrick, CTO, Cycle Computing

Rob Futrick, CTO, Cycle Computing

In this video from the HPC in the Cloud Educational Series, Rob Futrick, CTO of Cycle Computing discusses the benefits and challenges of moving big data and HPC workloads to the public cloud.

“Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud software suite is the leading cloud orchestration, provisioning, and data management platform for Big Compute, Big Data, and large technical computing applications running on any public, private, or internal environment. For years, customers in Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and other Engineering and Research areas have used CycleCloud software to manage some of the world’s largest production cloud deployments. The ever-increasing demand for support of compute and data intensive workloads, machine learning, genomics, data collection, analytics, and simulation is causing many organizations struggle to meet the needs of their users.”

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