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Video: Supercomputing at the University of Buffalo

buffaloIn this WGRZ video, researchers describe supercomputing at the Center for Computational Research at the University of Buffalo.

“The Center’s extensive computing facilities, which are housed in a state-of-the-art 4000 sq ft machine room, include a generally accessible (to all UB researchers) Linux cluster with more than 8000 processor cores and QDR Infiniband, a subset (32) of which contain (64) NVidia Tesla M2050 “Fermi” graphics processing units (GPUs). Industrial partners of the University have access to a cluster with more than 3400 processor cores and FDR Infiniband. The Center maintains a 3PB IBM GPFS high-performance parallel file system. The computer visualization laboratory features a tiled display wall, and a VisDuo passive stereo system. A leading academic supercomputing facility, CCR has more than 170 Tflops of peak performance compute capacity. CCR additionally hosts a number of clusters and specialized storage devices for various specific departments, projects, and collaborations, interested researchers should contact CCR staff.”

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