Call for Contributions: Hot Chips 2016

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hotchipsThe Hot Chips 2016 conference has issues its Call for Contributions. The event takes place August 21-23 in Cupertino, California.

Presentations at HOT CHIPS are in the form of 30 minute talks using PowerPoint or PDF. Presentation slides will be published in the HOT CHIPS Proceedings. Participants are not required to submit written papers, but a select group will be invited to submit a paper for inclusion in a special issue of IEEE Micro.

Areas of Interest:

  • General Purpose Processor Chips
    • High-Performance and Low-Power
    • Multi-Core and Highly-Reliable Systems
  • Mobile and Embedded Devices
    • Graphics/Multimedia/Game
    • SoC, Security, and DSP chip
  • Communications and Networking
    • Wireless LAN/WAN/PAN
    • Network and IO Processors
  • High Integrity Computation
    • Secure Architectures
    • Design for validation and test
  • Software for Multi-core, heterogeneous systems
    • Programming models, runtime systems
    • Performance, Power Debug and evaluation
  • Other Chips
    • FPGAs and FPGA-Based Systems
    • Custom Chips for Emerging applications, including machine learning, data extraction, and big data analytics
    • Domain specific computing
  • Other Technologies
    • Power and Thermal Management
    • Packaging and Testing
    • Display Technologies
    • On-Chip Optics & Sensors
    • Novel Computing technologies
  • Memory Technologies
    • Persistent Memory, Phase Change
    • Packaging, 3D, Stacked

The deadline for submissions for Presentations is March 25, 2016 and the submissions for Posters are due July 5, 2016.

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