Video: Meet IME – The World’s First Burst Buffer

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In this video, Jason Cope from DDN presents: Meet IME – The World’s First Burst Buffer. The IME14K is built upon our newest high-performance, hyper-converged DDN14K hardware platform, which utilizes the industry’s newest components to maximize I/O performance.


“As the speed and scale of environments and applications grow, the negative effects of I/O contention and latency are magnified. In HPC, the parallel fi le system bottleneck has been so significant, — it has prevented clustered compute environments from being able to realize the significant acceleration that wide deployments of SSDs have provided most other workloads. Because of that, spinning disk drives remain the primary way HPC sites provision the massive amounts of bandwidth and IOPS performance required by performance-intensive applications. This approach is highly inefficient, often resulting in an overprovisioning of capacity as well as hardware sprawl. Additionally, there’s a number of other factors that can bring the performance of entire compute clusters and their parallel file systems to their knees: mixed I/O, fragmented data patterns of “problem applications,” and large datasets that force applications to run out of core.”

jasonTo combat these challenges, DDN’s IME14K revolutionizes how information is saved and accessed by compute. IME software allows data to reside next to compute in a very fast, shared pool of non-volatile memory (NVM). This new data adjacency significantly reduces latency by allowing IME software’s revolutionary, fast data communication layer to pass data without the file locking contention inherent in today’s parallel file systems.

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