Video: Mars – A 64-Core ARMv8 Processor

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In this video from the 2015 Hot Chips Conference, Charles Zhang from Phytium presents: Mars – A 64-Core ARMv8 Processor.


Formed in China in 2012, Phytium is a unique technology provider of HPC servers, focusing mainly on high performance general microprocessor, accelerator chip, reference board design and various servers design from blade, cluster, standard stack to HPC Server.

“Optimized for HPC, the Mars chip features eight panels, each with eight “Xiaomi” cores. The panels share an L2 cache of 32 MB, two Directory Control Units and a routing cell for the internal mesh.”

As part of the Session, this talk is followed by these presentations:

  • LS2085A Freescale’s new QorIQ Layerscape Communications Processor
    John Xu and Sam Fuller, Freescale
  • Oracle’s Sonoma Processor: Advanced low-cost SPARC processor for enterprise workloads
    Basant Vinaik and Rahoul Puri, Oracle
  • I/O Virtualization and System Acceleration in Power8
    Michael Gschwind, IBM

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