Seismic Processing Places High Demand on Storage

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Oil and gas exploration is always a challenging endeavor, and with today’s large risks and rewards, optimizing the process is of critical importance. A whole range of High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies need to be employed for fast and accurate decision making.  This Intersect360 Research  whitepaper, Seismic Processing Places High Demand on Storage, is an excellent summary of the challenges and solutions that are being address by storage solutions from Seagate.

Download the Intersect 360 White Paper on Seismic Processing Places High Demand on Storage

Download the Intersect 360 White Paper on Seismic Processing Places High Demand on Storage

While clusters of HPC systems can assist in the exploration for new sources of oil and gas, the resulting data needs to be stored in a storage system that can deliver top end performance. Lustre, from Seagate, is a high performing parallel file system that is widely used and can handle the massive amounts of data that is produced by the HPC computing cluster.  Seagate has long had the expertise necessary to work with customers in the energy exploration area.

Seagate offers cluster storage solutions that are applicable for reservoir modelling and seismic analysis. Their ClusterStor line was designed for environments where the I/O performance for large amounts of data is critical. Efficiency is also of great importance, when having to deal with petabytes of data. The ClusterStor system is designed to operate using less power than traditional storage systems. In addition, Seagate offers the ClusterStor Manager, which simplifies the administration of Lustre, for organizations that may lack Lustre experience, but require the parallel file system performance that Lustre offers.

The oil and gas industry benefits every day from HPC technologies, both cluster based computing and high performance storage systems. Seagate is a leading vendor of solutions that can address the massive storage requirements that energy exploration companies need, in a cost effective manner. This whitepaper is explores how Seagate is addressing these needs.  Download it today to learn more about Seagate, ClusterStor and Lustre.