UberCloud Offers SaaS Service for ISVs on Microsoft Azure

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ISV ContainersToday the UberCloud announced plans to support independent software vendors (ISVs) in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) with its new go-to-cloud service for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The service consists of containerizing the software provider’s software, developing a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud business model, utilizing and tuning the ISV’s application software on Azure, testing and evaluating the cloud offer, and conducting marketing and sales initiatives together with the ISV.

UberCloud’s Linux and container-based solution really shines with Azure’s HPC capabilities” said Alex Sutton, Group Program Manager for Azure High Performance Computing. “We’re excited about bringing UberCloud’s rapid deployment and ease of use to CAE customers with the hyperscale and performance of Azure. Design and simulation in the cloud is now available to any organization.”

The foundation of UberCloud’s SaaS service is its novel software container technology suitable for any application software and complex engineering workflows which enables ease of software packaging and porting, fast on-demand access and use of any computing resource, be it a workstation, cluster, or cloud. And it drastically simplifies software maintenance and support, both for software providers and their end-user customers. These containers can be used for any application software, in CAE, Bio, Oil & Gas, Digital Content Creation, and many more.

“Until recently it was my firm belief that cloud computing for engineering applications is one of the next big challenges we have to solve,” said Professor Charles Hirsch, President and founder of NUMECA International, and world-renowned expert on Computational Fluid Dynamics. “But when we came across UberCloud’s new application container technology and containerized all our CFD software packages we were surprised about the ease of use and access to any computing system on demand.”

And from an engineer’s point of view, Mio Suzuki, Analysis Engineer at Trek Bicycle Corporation says: “Container’s best-selling point is I don’t have to change my ‘routines’ to set up a simulation and solve it. Using my application container in the cloud is as if I’m logging onto just another local network machine via remote desktop. This is great especially for engineers like me with short project turnaround times…”

Based on its novel container technology UberCloud is now developing SaaS services for ISVs who want to enhance their traditional product portfolio with an additional on-demand service offering on the high-performance cloud resources of Azure, for their customers.

About UberCloud

UberCloud is the online community and marketplace where engineers, scientists, and their service providers discover, try, and buy cloud computing solutions to solve their demanding problems. UberCloud provides go-to-cloud SaaS services for the hyperscale, enterprise Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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