Video: Storage Architecture for Innovation & Research at the University of Florida

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Erik Deumens, University of Florida

Erik Deumens, University of Florida

In this video from the DDN booth at SC15, Dr. Erik Deumens of the University of Florida describes why novel storage architectures and system configurations are necessary to meet the agility, availability and responsiveness requirements to meet the mission of innovation and exploration.

“The University of Florida’s Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR) offers access to cutting-edge technologies designed to enable university faculty, staff and students, as well as research and commercial partners worldwide with the tools and resources needed to advance scientific research. The center provides more than 400 services, ranging from custom and high-throughput DNA sequencing to electron microscopy and antibody development and production. Founded in 1987, ICBR has a rich history of helping life science researchers focus on research without being burdened with developing and maintaining the infrastructure and expertise to support ever-changing technologies. As part of its mission, the center champions the growth and development of research while jump-starting technology transfer to accelerate molecular biology research from the lab to the marketplace. Over the years, ICBR projects have ranged from the discovery of new cultivars of plants, mapping the genome of ants, tracing DNA of people across continents as well as developing cures for rare and cancerous diseases.”

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