Allinea Taps the Power of GPUs for High Performance Code

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allineademo2Today Allinea announced plans to showcase its software tools for developing and optimizing high performance code at the GPU Technology Conference April 4-7 in San Jose. The company will highlight the best practices required to unleash the potential performance within the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs for a wide range of software applications.

GPU technology is at the forefront of many fields of scientific computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning,” said Allinea’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, David Lecomber. “However, inefficient software still leaves too much performance on the table. Getting the best out of a smarter GPU platform requires a smarter approach to code development, focusing on robust code architecture and faster application performance. Allinea’s powerful, scalable, cross-platform and cross-technology toolset means our customers are able to do this.”

Lecomber continues: “To get the best performance from your code, you need transparency of GPU utilization, full sight of errors and the ability to spot areas that are ripe for acceleration.”

Allinea will provide practical advice to developers in two sessions at the conference, covering: developing, debugging and optimizing for GPU codes and accelerating real applications. Find out more about the show at or see practical advice on code optimization at

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