EXTOLL Deploys Immersion Cooled Compute Booster at Jülich

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GreenICE System

GreenICE System

Today Extoll, the German HPC innovation company, announced that is has it has successfully implemented its new GreenICE immersion cooling system at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre. As part of the DEEP Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform project, GreenICE was developed to meet the need for increased compute power, density, and energy efficiency.

The GreenICE machine complements the DEEP prototype with a second Booster system testing the EXTOLL ASIC TOURMALET. The latter allows for running a node without a host CPU. Thus, a GreenICE node consists of an Intel XEON Phi 7120D (Knights Corner: KNC) coprocessor and an EXTOLL NIC. This enables world-leading compute-power density integrating 32 compute nodes within a 19” wide and 10U high basin and yielding a compute power of 38 TFLOP/s peak performance. A 2-phase liquid cooling with a secondary hot-water cooling circuit is able to take away thermal power of up to 12 kW without the need for moving parts or active external cooling. A Power usage efficiency of PUE=1.01 is game changing. For even more compute power, up to 4 GreenICE systems could be stacked within a standard 19” rack resulting in 150 TFLOP/s.

EXTOLL GmbH is a Mannheim, Germany, based privately held company dedicated to high-performance computing. Its core product is an HPC networking solution including in-house designed ASICs, PCIe Boards, cabling solutions and software stack. EXTOLL also offers design IP related to its core products. Additionally, EXTOLL GmbH provides extremely efficient and dense 2-phase immersion cooling solutions.

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