Job of the Week: Senior Cluster Architect at Intel in Albuquerque

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intelowesIntel in Albuquerque is seeking a Senior Cluster Architect in our Job of the Week.

The Senior Cluster Architect will be responsible for design, support, and maintenance of HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster hardware and software for high availability, consistency, and optimized performance. This role is responsible for managing Linux systems. Hardware to be supported includes rack-mounted servers and workstations. Project focus would be in supporting the latest Intel server technologies. The scope of this position will utilize skills in the areas of: cluster debugging, Linux scripting, cluster validation tests, Xeon Phi integration, server expansion, file system tests and benchmarks. This position will also serve as a consultant for all projects and customers of the CRT Datacenter, creating and improving methodologies used in the datacenter to enhance the performance, reliability and manageability of the CRT clusters.

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