Liquid Cooling Doubles Compute Capacity at Cascade Technologies

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CoolIT_weblogo3Today CoolIT Systems announced it has enabled Cascade Technologies to increase their compute density by 2.5 times within their existing floor space, rack space, and air conditioning capacity by deploying liquid cooling.

Partnering with CoolIT Systems solved our key requirements of more compute density without having to expand our floor space or AC capacity,” said Frank Ham, CEO at Cascade Technologies. “The liquid cooled solution surpasses our efficiency goals, allows us to pack a lot of compute into a small environment, and is impressively quiet.”

Cascade, a Palo Alto, CA based consulting firm for advanced fluid dynamics, required a significant increase in onsite computing power to handle the setup and testing of their complex simulations. This computing upgrade project was limited to existing floor space and Cascade wanted to add this density without additional expensive air-conditioning investments. Further requirements including a reduction in noise levels and operating costs facilitated Cascades decision to elect a direct contact liquid cooling (DCLC) solution from CoolIT Systems.

The upgraded Cascade cluster now combines over one hundred Dell C6100 dual processor servers across two racks with CoolIT Systems Rack DCLC heat exchanger solutions to manage the server heat. As a result, the solutions allow Cascade to double the density of their existing racks without needing more space or AC. Cascade selected two Rack DCLC™ CHx40 Modules with centralized pumping to provide liquid cooling to the dual processors. The CHx40 units can manage 40kW of cooling capacity per rack providing Cascade with more than enough capacity for their compute needs today and in the future.

CoolIT Systems is ecstatic to have provided Cascade Technologies with a liquid cooled solution that enables 2.5 times the compute capacity that they previously had access to without adding more chillers,” said Geoff Lyon, CEO & CTO at CoolIT Systems. “When it comes to building highly efficient reliable computers, liquid cooling has become the leading technology to achieving maximum performance, efficiency and density.”

The install was completed in October of 2015.

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