Podcast: Through the Looking Glass at Quantum Computing

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Peter ffoulkes, OrionX

Peter ffoulkes, OrionX

In this podcast, Peter ffoulkes from OrionX discusses the current state of Quantum Computing and how D-Wave Systems is paving the way to commercial quantum systems.

In his recent feature story at T0P500.org, ffoulkes writes that quantum computing could play a significant role in research into areas such as vision systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning alongside its optimization capabilities.

“As a research area, quantum computing is highly competitive, but if you want to buy a quantum computer then D-Wave Systems, founded in 1999, is the only game in town. Quantum computing is as promising as it is unproven. Quantum computing goes beyond Moore’s law since every quantum bit (qubit) doubles the computational power, similar to the famous wheat and chessboard problem. So the payoff is huge, even though it is expensive, unproven, and difficult to program.”

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