Video: Introduction to RISC-V

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riscVIn this video from the 2016 Stanford HPC Conference, Kurt Keville from the R&D Labs at MIT presents: Introduction to RISC-V.

“Today’s server systems provide many knobs which influence energy efficiency and performance. Some of these knobs control the behavior of the operating systems, whereas others control the behavior of the hardware itself. Choosing the optimal configuration of the knobs is critical for energy efficiency. In this talk recent research results will be presented, including examples of big data applications that consume less energy when dynamic tuning is employed.”

Kurt works on optimizing HPC codes for educational and institutional (R&D labs) purposes at MIT. He assesses new supercomputing hardware as part of his responsibilities. He has published in IEEE conferences and journals and he teaches embedded programming once a year. Kurt has a BS from West Point and an MS from MIT.

In related news, Mellanox announced today that it has joined the RISC-V foundation as a Founding Platinum Sponsor. The RISC-V foundation promotes the open RISC-V instruction set architecture and associated hardware and software ecosystem for a broad range of computing devices.

As a leading provider of multicore processors, network adapters and switches, we are very pleased to have Mellanox join the RISC-V Foundation as a Platinum Founding Sponsor”, said Rick O’Connor, Executive Director of the RISC-V Foundation. “Mellanox has a proven track record of open, cross-industry, standards development which will be of tremendous benefit to the RISC-V community.”

As a platinum supporter, Mellanox will work with other consortium members to shape the evolution of the RISC-V platform architecture and software ecosystem. These activities include achieving compatibility, interoperability, design reuse, and sustaining and evolving the technology to meet the requirements of rapidly changing use cases.

Our support for the RISC-V foundation demonstrates our commitment to open architectures and industry ecosystems,” said, Kevin Deierling, vice president marketing, Mellanox Technologies. “We believe that free-market competition is the best way to accelerate innovation and prevent vendor lock-in. RISC-V is a great example of how academia and industry collaboration can create a nimble, vibrant, open ecosystem to advance processors and computing.”

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