Bo Ewald Presents: The Quantum Effect – HPC Without FLOPS

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boIn this video from the 2016 HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Bo Ewald from D-Wave Systems presents: The Quantum Effect – HPC Without Flops.

“This talk will provide an introduction to quantum computing and briefly review different approached to implementing a quantum computer. D-Wave’s approach to implementing a quantum annealing architecture and the software and programming environment will be discussed. Finally, some potential applications of quantum computing will also be addressed.”

Some fun facts from the talk include:

  • The 1000 Qbit D-Wave 2X System executes only one instruction.
  • The D-Wave machine performs 10,000 instructions per second, no matter how large the problem.
  • D-Wave is on its own kind of Moore’s Law track, aiming to double the number of Qbits every 18 months.
  • The D-Wave software stack now includes a prototype simulator that

I’ve seen a number of talks about Quantum Computing, but this is the first time I’ve come away with what feels like a basic understanding of how it all works.

Bo Ewald has lengthy experience in the technology industry, as a user, engineer, customer, executive and board member with several of the leading companies in the field. He is currently the President of D-Wave Systems, U.S., the quantum computing company. In his early technical career he pioneered computer graphics applications and software development projects on the first Cray system ever built. He was appointed to the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee from 1997 to 2001 and has been actively involved in various industry organizations from early in his career through present day. Bo’s management career began at Los Alamos National Laboratory as the head of its Computing and Communications Division. He holds a MSc in Civil Engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder.


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