Thomas Sterling Weighs in on the OpenHPC Community

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Thomas Sterling

Thomas Sterling

Over at the OpenHPC Blog, Thomas Sterling from Indiana University describes why the Crest Project has joined the OpenHPC Community:

We want to make a specific contribution. By associating ourselves with an emergent framework, in which we could benefit from the work of many different people interested in different things but under a unifying guidance of scaffolding interfaces, we were able to achieve our objectives in low cost, HPC for end users. If, and I have to say if, OpenHPC does this right, you will provide that framework. And CREST could be a proactive contributor that others can benefit from. Or if they desire to go forward without our work, they can choose to do so. But ideally our work in runtime systems will complement the work of others. We’re focusing on determining how to make dynamic adaptive execution work for architectures and operating systems and runtime systems and programming interfaces. Our principal contribution, other than our conceptual work and our experimental work, is in the deployment of the HPX-5 runtime system. That’s why we want to be part of OpenHPC. The key thing here is the opportunity to integrate with others without intruding. We’re looking for a win-win opportunity.

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