Video: Boosting HPC with Cloud

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rescaleIn this video from the 2016 Stanford HPC Conference, Mark Whitney from Rescale presents: Boosting HPC with Cloud.

“We will discuss techniques for using the public cloud to provide overflow capacity for your on-premise HPC deployment. Rescale provides a unified HPC simulation platform for the Enterprise IT environment. Rescale’s platform integrates with existing job schedulers to burst workloads to cloud computing resources. We provide high performance computing options such as InfiniBand-connected and GPU-accelerated nodes that can be provisioned on-demand. We will demo an example workload on such an on-demand cluster. Finally, we will cover the Rescale administration panel for managing your cloud/on-premise connectivity for software licenses and single sign-on authentication.”

Founded in early 2011 by Joris Poort and Adam McKenzie, Rescale has quickly become the leading simulation and HPC solution provider. Rescale offers industry-leading software platforms and hardware infrastructure for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulations. Rescale’s mission is to provide highly powerful simulation platforms that empower the world’s engineers, scientists, developers, and CIO and IT professionals to design innovative products, develop robust applications, and transform IT into unified, agile environments.

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